Needed Remakes!

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Needed Remakes!
PC Top Ten List

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04/23/2011 04:45 PM


Here is my top eight list of the games they should remake. 

8.  M.U.L.E. it is simple capitalist fun.  Make as much as you can as fast as you can.  This easy to learn fun to play game is sorely missed.

7.  Racing Destruction Set.  When this came out, it was one of the hottest games of its time.  You get to built rollercoaster type tracks.  Then you get to race them in a very destructive manner.  You can find some more information about an upcoming remake here.

6. Pirates will eventually be remade.  Several people have tried, but none have ever surpassed the original.  You are a pirate.  Pick a side (English, Dutch, French, Spanish... well not Spanish) and go a robbing.  The game even weaved a great story into the mix.  Simple, fun, and elegant.  Just what I love in my games.

5. Archon was a great combination of chess and arcade action.  You basically play chess except to take a piece off the board you go into arcade mode and fight against each other.  It is possible for a pawn to take a Queen.  Just not very likely.  You can catch the Archon Ultra remake by clicking on Archon Ultra.

4. AutoDuel was originally a pen and paper game called Car Wars.  It was translated into a great C64 game.  Basically, you are Mad Max and your job is to survive.  Clone yourself just in case you bite it.  Otherwise, build the biggest meanest car and do some driving.  Just make sure you have some machine gun backup.

3. Elite should and hopefully will be remade sooner or later.  The beauty of the game is in its simplicity.  You are a space ship pilot.  Outside of that basic premise, that is all the rules in the game.  You can buy giant cargo ships, fast small ships, even military craft.  Bounty hunt, trade, pirate, or go in the military.  You can go anywhere at anytime.  You can trade in illegal items or just steal them.  You can even wage war.  This game screams to be a MMORPG.  Elite 4 could possibly be on the horizon.

2.  Mail Order Monsters!  I want my remake EA!  If you don't know what this is, well you have missed out on a great game.  Basically, you build a kick butt monster buying "upgrades" earned through fighting.  After you build your beast, you then get to go head to head with another player for supremacy.  It is an evil good time not to mention watching a plant beat a lionbear with its photosynthesis plasma gun is just fun.

1.  Star Control 1 or 2 should be remade immediately.  I still have the original on floppy and boot DOS sometimes to load it up.  "Star Control II is the best game ever made. Not the best classic game, not the best sci-fi game. Not even the best PC game. The best game. Ever. This is the kind of addicting game that invokes euphoria and will leave a great hole in your life after you've won. You'll wet your pants in anticipation to play this game after you've had a taste of it. For those of you who have played the game and do not agree with these statements, I feel genuine sorrow for all three of you." quote from Bryan Bean at GameSpy.  BTW you can download a clone of the game at http://sc2.sourceforge.net/downloads.php built from the original source. 

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