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PC Top Ten List

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PC Top Ten List

These are my favorite ten games since I started playing with computers on the TRS-80. They are ranked by play time, replay time, and fun. I hope you enjoy the list.

1 Asheron's Call - One of the best online game to date and the one I have played the most out of the dozens I have tried.  I played it for over three years and even though I haven't logged in for a long time I still love it.  It truly deserves its nick name Asheron's Crack.  Online Quake with a fantasy theme and player levels.  The great part about the game is the fact that every month new content is put into the game.  AC was always innovating and changing their world to keep players interested.  Now over 10 years old, it is still going strong which is a testament to how good that game really is.
2 Warlords III - This is the best turn based fantasy war game created. The goal of most strategy games is to offer simple game play, complex strategy, and a great AI. Warlords I offered this without question. Warlords II expanded the universe adding multiple scenarios and an editor to boot. Who says you can't teach a dog new tricks? Warlords III didn't relax on its laurels. Missing from the others was network play and stunning graphics. Warlords III added these along with campaigns, improved interface (believe it or not), and amazingly enough did not swamp the game with micro-management.
3 Baldur's Gate II and expansion - When I was growing up, this is the game I imagined in my mind while I was playing the pen and paper DnD.  Not perfection, but close enough for me.  High level D&D rules, great interface, wonderful story, plenty of action, and multiplayer.  This is definitely one for the record books.
4 SSI AD&D Gold Box - This series kept me up for months. The graphics really sucked, the sound was poor, and it was buggy. To its credit it was the first game that ever captured my imagination and made me feel 12 again playing the real AD&D.
5 Wizardry I/V/VI - The best group RPG to come out yet. I played Wizardry I on an Apple IIe back in the day. Never really got into II-IV, but V revived this sputtering market of turn based RPGs.
6 Civilization/Civnet - In college my final GPA dropped by 2/10s because of this game. It was the first real strategy game I ever played that was not a true war game. All aspects of society and technology must come together to win this game. Sid Meier is a real genius.
7 Empire - First on the TRS 80, next on the Apple IIe, then the C64, and finally on the PC. This is the longest played war game for me ever. I love this game for its simplicity and plain fun.
8 Bard's Tale I/II - This amazing RPG made my C64 alone worth buying. The first RPG to offer stunning art in the game.
9 Heroes of Might and Magic I/II/III/IV - Some say the best fantasy strategy game of all time. I agree it is great, but just falls shy of Warlords III's AI. Otherwise this is a stellar strategy game.
10 Elite I/II/III - The only flight/space sim I can stand. The single item that sets it apart from the rest. No not graphics, movies, or any of that other crap. Simply put, no plot. The game has no plot. An immense universe where you can be outlaw, trader, bounty hunter or all of the above. This game let you go where you want when you want and do what you want.

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